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For over a quarter of a century, our team at St. George Window Tinting has been at the forefront of the window film industry. With 25+ years of hands-on experience, we’ve cultivated an unparalleled expertise in both residential and commercial window tinting

Our longevity speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence, precision, and our undying passion for ensuring that our community benefits from the best window solutions. Throughout our journey, we have constantly evolved, adopting the latest techniques and technologies, always aiming to deliver unmatched quality and impeccable customer service. Trust in our decades of dedication and let us bring your window vision to life.

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Invested in a Home with a View?
It's Time to Truly Enjoy It!

St. George, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and stunning vistas, has always been a dream location for many homeowners. Yet, a common dilemma arises: the same brilliant sun that lights up our beautiful surroundings can also make it challenging to enjoy the view without squinting or constantly adjusting blinds. Many residents find themselves sacrificing the very view they moved here for, just to escape the sun's relentless glare.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Introducing our state-of-the-art window film solution! It not only allows you to revel in St. George's natural beauty from the comfort of your home but also protects against UV rays and reduces heat, all without obscuring your view. No more choosing between scenic views and indoor comfort. With our window film, you get to enjoy both!


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Before and After Home Window Tinting TransformationEnergy-saving window tint for residential properties in St. George, Utah.

Why Invest in Window Film?

With high A/C costs and a lack of privacy that is a direct result of your standard, clear and transparent windows. Our window films are a simple and low cost, non-invasive solution that will enhance privacy, keep your home cool and comfortable, and significantly cut your energy bills.


Maximize Savings with Advanced Film Technology

Professional Commercial Window Tinting Installation

Lifetime Warranty

Secure Your Investment with Our Lifetime Warranty - Lasting Quality, Lasting Comfort

At St. George Window Tint, we stand firmly behind the quality of our products and craftsmanship. This is why we're proud to offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on our window films. It's not just about the longevity of the film, but the enduring peace of mind that comes with it. From the day of installation, rest easy knowing you're shielded against bubbling, peeling, and fading. Our commitment is to serve and satisfy, today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.


A Spectrum of Choices for Every Window Need.

From Residential Havens to Commercial Hubs, We've Got You Covered.

UV-Resistant Home Film

Protect your interiors from harmful UV rays, ensuring your furniture and fixtures retain their vibrant color.

Privacy with Dual-Reflective Films

These films feature a unique dual-reflective technology that allows you to enjoy unobstructed views from the inside while presenting a reflective surface on the outside.

Energy-Saving Panes

Lower your energy bills and keep your spaces cooler with our energy-efficient film.
Heat-reducing commercial window tint for hurricane, Utah

Commercial Strength Film

Built to withstand the demands of commercial spaces, ensuring longevity and consistent aesthetics.
window film decorative

Decorative Films

Add a touch of style to your windows with our decorative films, offering both enhanced privacy and UV protection. Select from 100+ designs to achieve your desired aesthetic and ensure privacy.
turf window tint film st goerge utah

Turf Protectant Window Film

Safeguard your grass and synthetic turf from sun damage with our transparent film. Reduce glare, prevent discoloration, and protect from heat or melting caused by reflected sunlight.

Showcasing Excellence: The St. George Tinting Portfolio"

A Glimpse into Our Craftsmanship and Precision in Every Project

Google Reviews

Overall outstanding service! We had an immediate call back response after our initial call. Katrina came right away to measure and show us the various products. The installers were the absolute best - friendly, professional and very detailed with their work! One window they did 3 times as they were not happy with their install. We were completely thrilled with the service. Highly recommend any one to use this company. Overall a 5 star rating!

Scott Cauthen St. George Resident

Gary was right on time very friendly. He tinted windows in my home and did a great job. He was very professional and cleaned up after himself. I will use this company again in the future.

Matt Orr St. George Resident

Amazing service! Very friendly and efficient! They installed heat blocking film and has made my house feel cooler than ever during this heat! Highly recommend!!

Shiloh Martinez Hurricane Resident

Gary came over knew exactly what we needed he ordered our film and got the work done at a blink of an eye. We highly recommend St George Window Tinting, very professional and punctual. Our office looks great. Thank you

Patty Lopez Ivins Resident

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Frequently Asked Questions

St. George Window Tinting combines years of expertise with top-quality materials. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every Film job, from residential to commercial, meets the highest standards. Plus, our dedicated team provides unparalleled customer support from start to finish.

The duration depends on the size and number of windows. Typically, a standard residential project takes a few hours. For a precise estimate tailored to your needs, please fill out our inquiry form.

Our high-quality films are durable and built to last for many years. They resist peeling, bubbling, and discoloration, ensuring your windows look pristine for a long time.

Window tinting can lead to significant energy savings, reducing your cooling costs in summer. It also protects your interiors from UV damage, extending the life of furnishings. With these benefits, many homeowners find that the tinting pays for itself over time.

That's great to hear! Simply fill out our inquiry form right next to this FAQ section. It's a quick process, and we'll get back to you promptly with a tailored quote.